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Clinical Psychology

The Vancouver Support Group invited Dr. Grace Hopp, a clinical psychologist, to share her top five tips for improving happiness during one of their meetings. She discusses how choices made in daily life can impact your happiness and how to maintain focus on being happier over time.

Category: Clinical Psychology

The Basics of Clinical Psychology

Gain a better understanding of the meaning of clinical psychology and how it differs from medical...More Details
Category: Clinical Psychology

Happiness is a State of Mind

Dr. Grace Hopp introduces the concept that happiness is a state of mind based on your perspective...More Details
Category: Clinical Psychology

Improved Self Care

Dr. Grace Hopp provides advice on improving self care and discusses how it can impact your...More Details
Category: Clinical Psychology

Programmed Relaxation

Dr. Grace Hopp discusses different relaxation exercises that can calm your mind and body, leading...More Details
Category: Clinical Psychology

Focus on Changing What You Can

Dr. Grace Hopp explains how focusing on changing only your own thinking and behaviour, rather than...More Details
Category: Clinical Psychology

Accepting What You Cannot Change

Dr. Grace Hopp discusses the impact on happiness of being able to accept what you cannot change,...More Details
Category: Clinical Psychology

Appreciation and a Sense of Humour

Dr. Grace Hopp discusses how appreciation fosters happiness and well-being.
More Details